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The Gamble Calculator is a betting tool for smart betting on the internet. It calculates the revenues when betting on:

  • A 2-way win, either A or B win, no alternatives.
  • A 3-way win, A or B win or both parties draw.

The user gives his stakes and the bookmakers odds. The website calculates the results (win or lose).


The Wrong idea

The idea is to enter 2 bets, One for winning, one for loosing, i.e. the change for red or black on roulette. [1]

You enter:

  • Gamble 1:
    • Stake: 1
    • Quote: 0.4865
  • Gamble 2:
    • Stake 1
    • Quote: 0.4865

The result will show that you will loose (in the end) in all cases. See below.


So that's is not the way to win and shows where this calculator is not helping you.

The Right idea

Now an example which shows how to do it right.

Suppose the winner of the Soccer World Champignons is Brasil (quote: 1.85) or Germany (quote: 2.54). Now you can always win by:

So you enter the following data:

  • Gamble 1: Entering the data for Brasil
    • Stake: 1.35, which is your bet amount (dollars, euros).
    • Quote 1.85, which is the european quote. Your repay is 1.85 times your Stake.
  • Gamble 2: Entering the data for Germany
    • Stake: 1.00
    • Quote: 2.54
The results is that
  • When Brasil wins you get a profit of 0.15
  • When Germany wins you get a profit of 0.19 revenue on your total stake of 2.35.

So in both cases you win a little money. When you higher the stake by multiplying both stakes with the same number, the profit also increase with the same multiplier.

3- way

Works exactly the same as the 2-way but has one more option a draw as result.

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  1. Roulette: Red or Black: I know those changes are 18/37 for each color and 1/37 for zero (European Roulette) and 18/38 and 1/38 (American Roulette).