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The Website DrawsRoulette is an Utility Website to follow the deviation in throwing the roulette-ball by the Croupier in a casino [1].
Please note this website helps you find this deviation and is no guarantee for winning in a casino.

The image below shows the Roulette Wheel and the Roulette numbers as they appear on the Roulette table. The numbers are divided in such way that they seem to be scattered on the wheel, in fact there is a structure in the order.
This enables the better to use series to increase his change (really?).
See below how the application DrawsRoulette Website may help you.

Image 1: The Roulettes wheel and numbers


Image Overview

DrawsRoulette is a utility website for controlling the latest drawn numbers on a Roulette table.
To access the Website open the link https://www.harmfrielink.nl/Gamble/DrawsRoulette.php.
Enter all drawn numbers of a dealer/croupier and the app will calculate the different statistics on the chosen numbers.

The Website is completely written for responsive design, meaning you can use the same Website on your Desktop, Tablet and Smart-Phone. The device used is of course decive for the look-and-feel of the Website!

Header of the Website

Enter your numbers under the specials to see the statistics of your numbers and also the expected values.

Image 2: Draws Roulette Header

The fields shown in image 3:

  • Draws Roulettes, name of the Website and by clicking opens the Wiki-Help page (this page).
  • Enter Roulette draws:, input field to enter all the draws on the Roulette table by the croupier. In this case the numbers 4 until 32 are visible.
  • Enter [optional] special numbers:, enter the numbers you as player want to test against the draws. In the results a row special will occur.
  • Status (Intranet), shows the status of the Website and is only an information field.

After you have given your input and have clicked on the enter key the results screen will be shown.

Body (Results) Screen

Image 3: Draws Roulette body screen

The image 3 shows a the results screen belonging to the header input. In the header (Name [n=33]) the number of draws are shown (33). An hash token (#) after a label means an amount, an percentage token (%) after a label means a percentage number. The explanation for the columns are:

  • Zero-game,The Zero-game (Numbers 12,35,3,26,0,32,15) have a probability of 18.92% ( 7/37 ). The numbers drawn occurs only 5 times (12,15,26,32,35), probability of 15.15%. The expected number in a total of 33 draws is 6.24 (Norm# = 6) That's less than expected, therefore the color of the Zero is red.
  • Orphelin-West, The Orphelin-West (Numbers 1,20,14,31,9) have a probability of 13.51% ( 5/37 ).
  • Orphelin-East consists on the numbers 6,34,17. The color is green because the expected number is lower than the actual outcome.
  • Etc
  • Reds are the red roulette numbers (18 / 37).
  • Blacks are the black roulette numbers ( 18 / 37).
  • Etc
  • Part 1-12 are the first 12 numbers ( 1 - 12).
  • Part 2-12 are the second 12 numbers ( 13 - 24).
  • Etc
  • Column 1 are the first column, the numbers (1,4,7...34)
  • Column 2 are the first column, the numbers (2,3,8...35)
  • Etc
  • Split 00-02, The split is basically placing a bet on 4 numbers (carré), but the zero may also be taken forming 3 numbers. This Split is placed on 0, 1 and 2. See Image 1, Inside Bets., T-Hoek (A).
  • Split 00-03, Split placed on the 0, 2 and 3.
  • Split 01-05, Split placed on the carré 1, 2, 4 and 5. See Image 1, Inside Bets, Split (b)
  • Split 02-06, Split placed on the carré 2, 3, 5 and 6.
  • Etc

A special option is the Special numbers item. The Roulette numbers you enter in the input field are your own special (lucky) numbers. You will see a row in the first table (Starting with Zero-game).

Future Expansions

The Future for the website is to find hot-spots. These are split locations on the roulette table. An example to make my point. If you place a Jeton on the square 1,2 4,5 (Split 1-5) and the numbers 1 / 2 /4 / 5 are drawn more often you can win much more than placing the Jeton only on the 1. This makes the split location an Hot-Spot. The early recognition of such places may be profitable.
The first part is already implemented maybe the twins and trio's are added later.


Image 4: Draws Roulette footer screen

The footer is shown on all Website pages and has the following meanings:

  1. First column contains an email icon. By clicking on the icon your email app is opened to write an email to me.
  2. Contains the Copyright sign, my name and the development years.
  3. Version number and when hovering over the text the version numbers of the supporting modules and classes.
  4. Elapsed gives the time the program needed to calculate all the results and issuing an AJAX backend call.
  5. I am retired, but still I have a LinkedIn account. Visiting is free.

See also

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  1. Website DrawsRoulette is made by Harm Frielink also the owner of the Copyright.