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Computer Brains
Max in Spain 2016
Lewis Hamilton

Forecast Formula-1-GP's 2017

Predict the winning drivers in all GP's and the new World Champion.

You know it better than everybody else, because you know what matters in Formula 1.
Proof it by joining!

How to join? It's so easy.

If you are so sure why don't you proof it by making your predictions together with others, i.e. your friends.
Play it alone, or together in your own private pool and/or your company pool.

Sebastin Vettel


  • Do you like to be challenged?
  • Do you find competing for honor and glory more fun than playing for money?
  • Can you predict the final outcome of a Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  • Can you predict the final outcome of the Formula 1 season?
  • Do you like to compete with others about your F1 knowledge?
  • Do you also like to compete with your friends about this?

You can do it all!

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2


The main goal is to be the best augur predicting race and season results of the Formula 1 Season 2017.
The aim is never money or any other financial gambling profit.
Only Pride (and maybe Prejudice) are involved.
And that's more than enough.

Earn as many points as possible by correctly predicting the results of the best 10 cars for every Grand Prix of the season.
And earn as many points as possible by predicting who will win the Championship and become the world champion in 2017, runner-up and further on.
The quantity of points are the measure for the individual- as well as the team standings depending on where the participant is playing in.

Gaming period

The current game will cover the 2017 season of the Formula 1 Grand Prix's. More information will be available later.


Everyone can join for free on the easiest and nicest Formula 1 Augury of the World. The game:

  • Participation is free.
  • Predictions can be made/changed until 1 minute before the race starts.
  • Predict the first 10 positions in every race and predict the season results.
  • Create your own pool or participate to an existing pool.
  • Send emails to pool players.
  • See the predictions of your pool players.
  • Option to hide your own predictions.
  • Option to invite other players to participate.

Latest News

  • Azerbaijan, Baku, GP on Sunday 25 Jun 2017 15:00 CET. Can Max Verstappen overcome across his disappointing series? [More...]
  • Spain, FP3, Raikkonen fastest, Verstappen (again) 5th, [More...]
  • Russia FP1, 1. Raikkonen, 2. Bottas, 3. Hamilton, 4. Verstappen. [More...]
  • The Forecast for the Championship has been changed to 01 Mai 2017 23:59:59
  • New Standings after Bahrain. Verstappen out with brake-problems. [More...]
  • Verstappen nog niet geweldig op dreef in Australia (6e tijd in P2) [More...]
  • Second pre-season test Day 3 in Spain [More...]
  • Barcelona Testing started 27 feb [More...]
  • Red Bull reveal the RB13 [More...]
  • Ferrari Officially Reveals New F1 2017 Car [More...]

Start your own pool

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join. You can start your own pool or join an existing one.


See the Help section of this website, visit the or send an email to the webmaster (Help → FAQ → Contact Information).



Who will be World-Champion 2017?

11 votes

Miscellaneous Information


Contact the information on the wiki help site or send an email to the webmaster (Help → FAQ → Contact Information).


Formula 1 The official F1 website is definitely the place to begin your warm-up for the new racing season.
Autosport Best place to find all the Formula 1 news.


Current Settings

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Forecast can be made until 5 minutes before the start the start of the race.

To see the forecast you have to log-in first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Forecast for Team

Shows the forecast made by the team-players.

To see the pool-forecast you have to login first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Forecast for Championship

Shows the forecast made by the team-players.

To see the pool-forecast you have to login first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Players Detailed Ranking

Individual players ranking of the completed races is calculated as soon as the race has finished.
The maximum number of visible columns are initial limited to 10 races, can be changed by the player.

To see the ranking you have to login first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Players Compact Ranking

Players Compact Rank of the completed races is calculated as soon as the race has finished.
The email address of the individual player may be hidden (optional settings for each player).

To see the ranking you have to login first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Individual Pool Ranking

Individual pool-ranking of the completed races is calculated as soon as the race has finished.

To see the pool-ranking you have to login first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Pool Ranking

Pool-ranking of the completed races is calculated as soon as the race has finished.

To see the pool-ranking you have to login first.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Driver & Teams Standings

The results are shown until the last finished race.

  • The List of Drivers contains the ranking and the total points
  • The List of the Teams the points per race and the total points.


1Sebastian VettelFerrari12122144153
2Lewis HamiltonMercedes21241715139
3Valtteri BottasMercedes3631DNF422111
4Daniel RicciardoRed Bull RacingDNF45DNF333192
5Kimi RaikkonenFerrari4543DNF271473
6Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing53DNF5DNF5DNFDNF45
7Sergio PerezForce India79764135DNF44
8Esteban OconForce India10101075126635
9Carlos SainzToro Rosso87DNF1086DNF827
10Felipe MassaWilliams61469139DNFDNF20
11Nico HulkenbergRenault1112986DNF8DNF18
12Lance StrollWilliamsDNFDNFDNF1116149317
13Kevin MagnussenHaasDNF8DNF13141012711
14Romain GrosjeanHaasDNF118DNF108101310
15Pascal WehrleinSauberDNSDNS11167DNF15107
16Daniil KvyatToro Rosso9DNF1212915DNFDNF4
17Fernando AlonsoMcLarenDNFDNFDNFDNF12DNSDNF92
18Antonio GiovinazziSauber12DNFDNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS0
19Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren13DNFDNS14DNFDNF14120
20Jolyon PalmerRenaultDNF1313DNF151111DNF0
21Jenson ButtonMcLaren-----DNFDNSDNS0
22Marcus EricssonSauberDNF15DNF1511DNF13110

DNF: Did not finish
DNS: Did not start
NDA: No data available (or "-")


3Red Bull Racing1027101015251525137
4Force India7371422018879
6Toro Rosso6601680431

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Game Rules

Please read the game rules carefully. If you have trouble understanding them please look in the FAQ/ If you don't find your answer there please send an email to the web-master (Click on the icon in the left corner of the footer).


The main objective of the game is to predict the race results of all individual Grands Prix in a season. Every Grand Prix has its own outcome for the places 1 until 10. Points are calculated based on your prediction and the real results of the race. The training results are out-of-scope.
There are 2 objectives:

  • Individual rank, the rank of the player compared to all registered players.
  • Pool rank
    • Player rank in his own pool(s)
    • Pool rank in overall pool ranking

To play the game you have to register. You need:

  • Valid email address.
    Please note that a confirmation email is sent to this email address which you need to answer.
    if you provide an invalid or not existing email address you don't receive any mail.
    Always provide an email address managed by yourself.
  • Reconfirmation of the replied email of F1-Augur.
    F1-Augur sends and email to the by-you-given-email-address, which needs re-confirmation within 24-hours.
    If no re-confirmation is received your account is deleted after 24 hours.
  • If these both steps are met you are enabled to login to the website.

Prediction can be changed or entered until 5 minutes before the official start of the race. Each player has to predict the first 10 places of the race. Place 11 and further are out-of-scope. For a detailed description of the calculation see the heading calculation of the Help navigation. The individual prediction of the player is compared with the real outcome of the race and results into a number of points. The sum of the points is the measure for the ranking of the player.
After the official result of the race the results are calculated and the results will be available on the website. The web-master will try to be as fast as possible without giving a precise time interval.


Any player can organize his own team/pool. The pool-owner invites other players by sending an email. The player accepts the invitation by confirmation. If the invited person is not a player of the F1-Augur games, he/she needs to register first. The ranking of the team-players can be seen in the team tabs. A player can be part of more than one pool. Please note the player has only one prediction which is used in all the pools he participate in.


The rank tab contains 4 different ranks:

  • Player detailed: Ranking of the player based on total score overall with user-defined selection of the finished races.
  • Player compact: Ranking with email address of the player (if allowed by the player).
  • Pool Players: Ranking of the players of a pool with user-defined selection of the finished races.
  • Pools: Ranking of the pools with number of players, total and average score.

The individual rank is the global rank between all other players. The pool the rank with respect to the other players in that pool. The pool rank is with respect to all other pools.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Calculation Help

Indiviudal Calculation

The points driver gets for their position on the 'Checkered Flag' are the base for the calculation. However the predictor can earn more points.
If the prediction is right the points earned are 100% of the driver-points. So in 2016 and 2017 if you predict the 1st place driver you win 25 points, for the 2nd place driver 18 points. And so on until the 10 th place.
But if you did not predict the 1st place, but you have the driver on place 2, you get 50% of 25 points (12½%). Another example if you predict the 5th place wrong but named the driver on place 4 or 6 you still get 50% of the wining points for place 5.

Year 2016/2017
1 25
2 18
3 15
4 12
5 10
6 8
7 6
8 4
9 2
10 1

Pool Calculation

Having the points of the predictor/player the average score of all players in the pool are caclulated, by dividing the total points by the total number of players.

Championship Calculation

The points the player get for the Championship forecast are slightly different from the Individual Calculation.
If the prediction is right the points earned are the points in the first column of the table below.
If the prediction is one plave up or down the second column of the table below is used.

Year 2016/2017
PlacePoints 1Points-2
1 100 70
2 90 60
3 80 50
4 70 40
5 60 30
6 50 25
7 45 20
8 40 15
9 35 10
10 30 5
11 25 0
12 20 0
13 15 0
14 10 0
15 5 0
16 0 0

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The solution for most questions, but still you may have a question not listed here.
Please let me know by sending an email (See FAQ Contact information).

  • Clicking on the question will open the answer. The open question-line will color red.
  • Clicking on an open question will close the answer part. The question-line will color blue.

  • Is there detailed game-information/documentation?

    The game has its own wiki-page which can be reached by clicking on the F-1-Augur menu item located on the far left of the Menu bar.
    By hovering your mouse on the menu-items you can see the Help titles.
    For convenience reasons you can also use F1 Augur Wiki Page.
    Almost any item has help when hovering with the mouse which provide a very basic-simple explanation. Feel free to send me an email in case you need more help.

  • The drag-and-drop feature in the forecast seems not to work?

    The drag-and-drop feature in older browsers (with old JavaScript versions) may not work in the Forecast Individual tab. First check the video to see if you use the correct way to make the prediction using this feature. The video in located on the F1 Augur Wiki Page.
    There are 2 main solutions:

    • Install a newer (latest) version of your current browser.
    • Install another browser (i.e. Google Chrome).
    • Use the alternative way to make the ranking by entering the rank directly in the driver row (See also the video).

    More information, contact the Web master.

  • System Software deprecated (out-of-date)

    The website uses the latest JavaScript versions which need to support JS-Classes. Unfortunately there is no 100% proof way to test this feature, meaning the Website tries to detect versions for your Browser, JavaScript and Operation System. If the found versions are not in sync, a warning message and cartoon is show indicating there might be a problem.
    Please note that deprecated software is a major security risk for you, so renewal of System Software is in your own interest. My advice: Keep your System Software always up-to-date by installing the latest versions.
    If your OS has to be updated, the renewal will most certainly solve all problems.
    In the very unlikely situtation that you need to install more start with your Browser.
    JavaScript is embedded in your browser and therefor dependent on your browser.
    The tests are based on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari. There are far more Browsers so you might need to test for yourelf. Please let me now if you still need help.
    This Website will not work on iOS older than 6.0 which means that the first released iPad will not work and also can not be updated. This might also apply to more older devices i.e. Mobile-Phones etc.

  • Can not login. When I try to login I get a 'Login Warning Window'.

    When you try to login you get a Warning Window with text: The login data seems alright, but Account has the following warning(s):

    • No Email confirmation.
    • User not enabled.

    You have not fulfilled all required steps in registration.
    In case of the 'No email confirmation' you have to answer the email you have received with a confirmation link. If you never received any email from F1-Augur you probably need to check your spam-inbox.
    In case you are not enabled the reason may be more complex. Please send an email to the Web master.
    See Contact Info for how to send an email to the Web master.

  • How do I subscribe?

    Please note your login data are based on email and password.
    Your email has to be confirmed before you can log-in.

    • Click on Register and choose for Individual.
    • Fill all fields with an asterisk (*) before the name.
    • Click on the Save button.
    • An email is sent to your given mailbox.
    • Confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in the sent email.
    • After confirmation you can log-in.

  • How do I login to the website?

    Before you can log-in you need to be registered.

    • Click on the Login menu button.
    • Enter your registered email address.
    • Enter your registered password.
    • Click on Submit button.
      • If your email and password matches the registered data you are logged in.
      • If not a pop-up will indicate your given data is invalid.

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    Please note that the unsubscribe action will remove all data from the website. Later you can not re-subscribe and restore the old data.

    • Login to the website.
    • Click on the Register button and choose for Individual.
    • Click on the Unsubscribe button.
    • An email is sent to your given mailbox.
    • Confirm your unsubscription.
    • You are unsubscripted.

  • Specific mobile-app for iPhone or Android available?

    Yes and no.
    There is not a specific mobile-application, but the website is made with responsive design. That makes the look and feel of the site depended on the device you are using. So it is not necessary to create an Application for Mobile/Pad/Small/Large screen. The website will automatic adjust its settings to your device.

  • Can I change my registered data?

    You can change parts of your data in the current version. Later version will be able to also change email.

    • Login to the website.
    • Click on the Register button.
    • Retrieve your personal data.
    • Change your data.
    • Enter your password.
    • Click on the submit button.
    • An email is sent to your new email address with a confirmation link.
    • After the confirmation of the email address has been sent the email address is changed.

    Please note that in the current version you can not change:

    • Email address.

  • What is the meaning of the abbreviations in Formula 1?

    The abbreviations used in the game are:

    • DNF - Did not Finish. The driver did start but did not finish.
    • DNS - Did not start. The driver does not start in this race.
    • DNQ - Did not Qualify. The driver is disqualified.
    • NDA - No Data Available. The results for this race are not available yet.

  • Why am I not able to change my email address?

    The reason is security and not that it is impossible to do.
    Your email address is only readable for you (and everybody you allow to read it).
    In this game your email address is verified by an email with a confirmation token.
    If you don't have access to that email address it is impossible to play the game.

    Assume you enter a new email address and do not have access to the old address. In this case it is impossible to verify you are changing and not someone else.

  • How do I start my own pool/team?

    • If not already logged-in login to the website.
    • Click on the Register button.
    • Click on the Pool button.
    • [ToDo] More to come.

  • Why do I sometimes need to reload the application?

    All maintenance and software updates are done in the background of the application. To make a lot of expensive operations in time and bandwidth not necessary, the design is made to reload the application in stead of doing that in real-time.
    The idea of this design is to make optimal usage of the available resources at minimal costs with maximum satisfaction for the end-user.
    Please note that these reloads are not very often.

    • to input the race-results when a race has finished,
    • to calculate the results,
    • to make necessary bug-fixes,
    • to maintain other resources (not specific for the application self)

    A successful reload can be monitored looking at the Status which shows 'Init' and 'Ready HH:mm:ss'.

  • Contact Information

    Please use only the following email address to ask me anything about the game. I hope to answer all questions asap. In case a question is asked more than once I will add it to the FAQ list.
    Web master Formula Augur
    Please add next to the problem at least into the Subject: also the word F1-Augur (i.e. Subject: F1-Augur bug xxxx).
    In case of bugs/errors also send screen shots before and after the error occurs.
    The sent email address is to keep it simple your login email address. If not do not forget to enter your game login email address.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2


The development tab makes it possible to show typical know-how and information on the development of the webapp. The Tab is only available for developers.

Window & viewport Sizes

The viewport size is now available.

Google Adsense and Responsive Design

The Google adsense example code for responsive design contains the ins setting:

  1. <ins class = "adsbygoogle user-class"
  2.     style = "display:block"
  3.     data-ad-client = "ca-pub-XXXXXXX"
  4.     data-ad-slot = "XXXXXXXX"
  5.     data-ad-format = "auto"
  6. >
  • Unfortunately the property data-ad-format is not correct and should be deleted completely.
  • Use the user-class for defining the CSS height and width

The number of Adsense blocks on the Webpage are limited, meaning that not always on every place the ads are loaded. WhY. Not obvious to explain because there are contrary reasons given.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

About F1-Augur


The Website Formula 1 Augur is a fun-game website created by Harm Frielink. The main objective is to create a platform where Formula 1 fans can enjoy their hobby for the race sport by enabling a contest website.

Website creator

Harm Frielink is a dutch race fan since 1969. In the 70's he visited the Grands Prix in Zandvoort. He regrets the disappearing of the Dutch GP and hopes it will come back some day.

Website Formula Augur

After years of dull racing the Formula 1 is now thrilling again. Max Verstappen makes this difference today with his amazing overtaking actions. He ensures that Formula 1 in the Netherlands is 'in-the-picture'. So I decided to make this website to increase everybody's race experience.


The version of the website is shown in the footer of every page of the website. Hovering on the version number show the component-versions.


The website/software is subjected to General Terms and Conditions as described in the Help → Legal tab (Help Legal). The website/software is a non-profit game and playing is free. The players can not win any physical or financial price except honor and glory. The website is not connected to an organization. The usage of photo's are mainly for decoration.

Help and Documentation

Help is available in the Help section of this website (Help Game) and on the external wiki-website (help wiki website).

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Admin tab Email to Forecasters

Admin tab is only available for administrators.

To see the administrator become admin first.

Admin tab Race Results

Admin tab is only available for administrators.

To see the administrator become admin first.

Admin tab Health Set

Admin tab is only available for administrators.

To see the administrator become admin first.

Admin Developer

Admin Developer tab is only available for administrators.

To see this administrator-tab become admin first.

Admin Calculate Race Result

Admin tab is only available for administrators.

To see the administrator become admin first.

Admin User List

This list contains information of the users state and is only available for the administrator.
There are more fields in the list available, please look at the Show-list.
You do not have the required credentials!


Registration and login are based on your email address and password. Your email address can not be changed after being registered and confirmed. The forms below have the features:

  • First time registration and Maintainance form.
    1. If you are not logged-in, register a new account:
    2. If you are logged-in, maintain your existing registration data:
      • Your email address is already filled in the form.
      • You need to enter your password for retrieval and saving.
      • See the Individual Registration form below.
  • Account Email address can not be changed in this version of the website
  • Password changes can be made (you need to be logged in) with the password change form.
  • Request new password / Reset exising password.
    Request a new password in case you forgot your password by reset existing password

Individual Registration & Data Maintenance

Please fill the form below to register.
Fields preceeded by an asterisk (*) are mandatory. The checkbox 'I aggree to the terms...' has to be confirmed.
Click on the Save button to finish the Registration.

Password change form

To change your existing password you need to be logged-in.

Reset Password / Request new password

The request will send an email to your registered email address only.
If someone else tries this request, you can ignore the email and do nothing because there are no changes made.

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Pool Registration and Maintenance

Please Login first. Without a valid login account you can not view/edit pool(s).

Participators / Pools:

11 / 2

Invite others to play / participate

Please Login first. Without a valid login account you can not view/edit pool(s).

Participators / Pools:

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Logging in

Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Participators / Pools:

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This website is unoffical and not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies.
F1, Formula 1, Formula One, FIA Formula One World Championship, Grand Prix and releated marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing B.V.