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After more than 5 years Apple has introduced a new MacBook Pro with 3 new processors (M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max).
But new does not always mean that the new device can be used immediately.
This page tries to help.

Migration Old to new Mac

Move your content to a new Mac by using Migration Assistant to copy all of your documents, apps, user accounts, and settings to a new Mac from another computer. [1]

Get ready

  1. Install all available software updates on both computers.
    If your old Mac isn't using OS X Lion or later, and your new Mac isn't using OS X Mavericks or later, follow the Mountain Lion migration steps instead.
  2. If both computers are using macOS Sierra or later, place them near each other with Wi-Fi turned on.
    If either one is using OS X El Capitan or earlier, make sure that both are on the same network.
  3. On your old Mac, choose Apple menu  → System Preferences, then click Sharing.
    Make sure that a name appears in the Computer Name field.

See for further instructions.

Connection & Cables

  • The HDMI support the connection of 4k UHD Monitors. The prices (october 2021 € 250,= for a 3540 x 2160 - 28 inch).
  • The thunderbolt (USB 3) connections:
    • Amazon Basics - 3ft USB Type C to Micro USB Type B Cable - USB 3.1 2nd Gen - Black € 7,43. [2]
    • Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adaptor. T2 needs power where T3 does not. [3]
The MacBook Pro has 4 connections
Connection Description
HDMI External Monitor
SDXC Secure Digital eXtended Capacity for cards up to 2TB.
Thunderbolt 4 External peripherals (3x). The thunderbolt 3 and 4 are subsets of USB-C.
The simplest explanation is that USB-C refers to the shape of the port and Thunderbolt 3 refers to the connectivity standard.
Magsafe 3 Power supply 140W USB-C


Which charger does each MacBook need?
Here are the power specs of the batteries and power adapters that Apple ships with each of its MacBooks:

  • M1 MacBook Air: 30W Power Adapter
  • M2 MacBook Air: 30W or 35W Power Adapter depending on 8-or-10-core GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro: 67W Power Adapter
  • 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro: 67W Power Adapter
  • 14-inch MacBook Pro: 67W or 96W Power Adapter depending on 14-or-16-core GPU
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro: 87W Power Adapter
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro: 140W Power Adapter

Best MacBook Pro Apps

One of the questions on Quora. You never know when needed:

  1. Fantastical - A calendar app sits in the menu bar and allows natural input. The most hassle free way of managing your calendar
    • Apple Design Award Winner 2016
    • Apps for all Apple Devices.
    • For all features you may need a Flexibits Premium Account (€ 5,83/Month).
  2. Jitouch - Make your own gestures (read better than keyboard shortcuts), once you get used to this you just cant use mac without it.
  3. TVShows - just tell the app which all shows you watch and it downloads the torrent and starts downloading them as soon as they are released. Flawless! (I don't endorse piracy)
  4. Plex - Miss front row? This will make you forget front row. This is the media player which Apple should have made.
  5. PopClip - when you highlight anything be it a single word, link etc you automatically get the options to copy, paste, search in google.. Very handy.
  6. Hiss - integrates growl notifications right into mountain lion's notification centre
  7. Growl - Growl is a notification system for OS X.
    Growl has been around since 2004, and was originally called Global Notifications Center.
    The name was changed to Growl (like the noise a dog makes) since we felt the name Notifications Center was too geeky.
    We were wrong about that haha.
  8. Musicality - great app for Groove Shark, integrates it with growl and you can control it like iTunes from keyboard/remote.
  9. Things - The best to do app there is.
  10. Moom - The most intuitive and minimilastic window management
  11. DragonDrop - Solves the problem of dragging files from one place to another. This also should be built into the OS
  12. CocunutBattery - Tells you all about your battery
  13. Paparazzi - Best way to take snapshots of web pages.
  14. Divvy - If you need more options than Moom, then go for divvy.
  15. Pulp - Newspaper style RSS feeds. Do check it out.
  16. iTunes Export - Need to put your playlists on a pen drive or CD or anything else - iTunes Export is the answer
  17. WindowTidy - Similar to divvy.
  18. eMaps - The missing Map app for OSX
  19. DropBox - a must. (HaFr: Absolutely NOT).
  20. MPlayerX - The VLC for mac. Open Source, lightweight and supports a ton of formats.

Or better: look at The 8 Utility Apps that enhances Mac’s Productivity (The Medium).

  1. Alfred - An award-winning app for macOS which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more.
    Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.
  2. Fluid - Turn any website into a real Mac app with Fluid.
    • Not free, however, for $5, you can purchase a Fluid License which unlocks a few extra features:
      • Pin Fluid Apps to the Mac OS X Status Bar. (Fluid App Menu → Pin to Status Bar…)
      • Use Userscripts or Userstyles in your Fluid Apps. (Window → Userscripts)
      • Use Full Screen mode in your Fluid Apps. (View → Enter Full Screen)
    • Alternatives to Fluid WebCatalog (Windows, Linux and OSX).

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