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Messier en NGC are methods to order the clusters, galaxies and nebulas in deep space. The most famous are listed here.


Type Name Type Name Type Name Type Name
C/N Open Cluster and Nebula DfN Diffuse Nebula GAL Galaxy GCL Globular Cluster
OCL Open Cluster Pln Planetary Nebula SNR Supernova Remnant    

Deep space

Messier NGC Cons Mag Type Common Name
1 1952 Tau 9.0 SNR Crab Nebula
2 7089 Aquarius 6.5 GCL Seds M2
7 6475 Scorpius 3.3 OCL The Scorpion's Tail, Ptolemy's Cluster
8 6523 Sgr 5.0 C/N Lagoon Nebula
11 6705 Scutum 5.8 OCL Wild Duck Cluster
16 6611 Ser 6.5 C/N Eagle Nebula

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