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The card game Bridge is an exiting mental exercise. It keeps the brain sharp and is excellent for everyone. Besides it is also fun to do. In the Netherlands Bridge activities are bundles under the umbrella of the Nederlandse Bridge Bond (NBB) [1].


Playing Bridge needs at least 4 people in 2 group of 2. Since this is not easy to accomplish, playing the game on the Internet is getting more popular. There are numerous possibilities to play Bridge on the Internet, but the majority of site are in English, which is a disadvantage for a lot of Dutch people.
One Dutch possibility has been created by the NBB [1] is to play in an Internet club named StepBridge [2].

Stichting StepBridge[edit]

StepBridge is de officiële internetbridgeclub van de Nederlandse Bridge Bond (NBB). Via StepBridge biedt de NBB haar leden de mogelijkheid op een eenvoudige en aantrekkelijke manier te bridgen op het Internet.
De programmatuur en de website van StepBridge zijn ontwikkeld door Step Software.
De exploitatie van StepBridge in Nederland is ondergebracht in de Stichting StepBridge. Deze stichting is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de Nederlandse Bridge Bond NBB en Step Software.

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  • Bridge Base Online, BBO, Bridge Base Online - BBO - is a free online bridge service. Download and install our multilingual software and join us at the world's largest Internet Bridge Club.
  • Bridge Web, is the website of Bridge design & engineering magazine, the leading publication about all aspects of bridge construction and management worldwide.
    The quarterly magazine is supported by the 8-times-a-year newsletter Bridge update.

Dutch Bridge Sites[edit]

  • Boon-a-part, Bridge Travel Arrangements in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • IMP, Dutch Bridge magazine for advanced players
  • Bridge Varia, Every day news, puzzles and columns.
  • CoolBegin, Dutch Bridge Links
  • Dekker Bridge, Bridge Holidays and Travel Arrangements in the Netherlands and abroad.



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