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Bresser Skylux 70/700

Since March 03 2006 I have a Bresser Skylux Telescope 70/700 (35x - 175x), an excellent beginners telescope. Bresser is a product name of Meade Instruments Europe GmbH & Co. KG

the Moon
Moon Crater Copernicus
Moon Crater Copernicus

Ok, not a deep sky telescope, but good for the moon and the planets of our solar system. The best picture I have taken with a photocamera with a 300mm looks like the picture (far left). Not bad but not complete sharp. The Mare tranquilliatis and Serentatis are clear to see, but the craters like Copernicus, Plato and Kepler can not be seen. The 2 photos about the Crater Copernicus are made by professional equipement like the Hubble telescope and a NASA space mission to the moon. I know this result can not be reached with my Bresser telescope but I am very curious to see how far I can come. For those who don't know: the Crater Copernicus can be found left of the center of the Moon.

Galaxies and Nebulas

Eagle Nebula

At the right you see a Hubble Telescope photo of NGC6611, M16 Eagle Nebula. This nebula is a breeding place of new stars, has beautiful colors. The nebula is standing 7,000 lightyears from our earth in the constellation Serpens Cauda.
This is the real 2001: A Space Odyssey, (SF movie, 1968, Stanley Kubrick)

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Watching the stars in the sky is marvellous. To know where to look for is even better. There are very good free software program which help you. The ranking list:

  1. Stellarium, Source Forge project, very good, read the manual for all possibilities.
  2. Starry Night, Imaginova, NOT free, can be very expensive.