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Scripting is widely spread. Here some examples.



Windows Command Line Scripting. See also Wscript, Windows graphical version of CScript. Since Cscript and Wscript are alike, See Wscript for in depth information.









Windows Graphical Version of command line scripting. See also Cscript, Windows command line scripting. For code examples look at the VBA part. Both Cscript and Wscript are covered on the Microsoft Script Center and MSN pages. There are references for

  • VBScript, Visual Basic Script
  • WSH, Windows Script Host
  • WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation
  • ADSI, Active Directory Service Interfaces

Also an help file is available (Script56.chm) on the Microsoft site.


Windows Batch and Cmd[edit]

Windows Script Component[edit]

Windows® Script Component files are XML (Extensible Markup Language) that are much like HTML files, but contain special elements that define the script component and its behavior. The elements used for defining script components are not HTML tags, but are XML elements specifically used for script component definitions.

To register a component:

 regsvr32 dpath\filename.wsc

To use the component

 dim oTest
 set oTest = CreateObject("filename.wsc"
 .. oTest.<function>