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Shortcuts are user definable but why do you wanna change the general keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts on this page are from several sources [1] [2].


Shortcut Description
c-L Goto line..., or go directly to line number #.
c-F Find (and also replace)
c-J Incremental find
cs-J Incremental previous find.
c-K Find next
cs-K Find previous
c-H Search workspace.
cs-(dot) Navigate next (also next error).
cs-(comma) Navigate previous (also previous error).


Shortcut Description
c-E Open another Editor
F10 Main Menu
s-F10 Context menu
c-F10 View Menu
c-PgUp Previous file-buffer
c-PgDn Next file-buffer
cs-L Key Assist... (Keyboard Shortcuts)


Shortcut Description
F12 Activate Editor
cs-W Switch editor
c-F6 Next editor
cs-F6 Previous editor
c-F7 Next Workspace
cs-F7 Previous Workspace
c-F8 Next perspective
cs-F8 Previous perspective
a-Left Back
a-Right Forward


Shortcut Description
as-S Show in...
cs-R Jump to file,
Open any file quickly without browsing in Package Explorer
c-N New file
c-S Save file
cs-S Save all files
c-F4 Close file
cs-F4 Close all files

Java Navigation

Shortcut Description
F3 Goto declaration.
cs-U Find reference in file.
cs-G Find reference in workspace
c-G Find declaration in Workspace
cs-P Navigate to matching bracket/brace
c-T Go-up type hierarchy or Show super-/sub-type.
cs-T Open type without clicking the interminable list of package(s)
c-O Outline of current source, or go directly to a member (method or variable)
Goto one member to the next (or previous).
cs-Arrow Jump between members (method or variable) up or down.
c-F3 Outline of current source
F2 Show Javadoc
F4 Show hierarchy
ca-H Open call hierarchy


Shortcut Description
a-Arrow Move line(s) up or down.
as-Up Expand selection to enclosing element.
as-Right Expand selection to next element.
as-Left Expand selection to previous element.
as-Down Restore previous selection.
ca-Arrow Duplicate line(s) up or down.
s-Enter Insert line below.
cs-Enter Insert line above.
c-D Delete line.
cs-Q Toggle Quick Difference.
cs-Y Convert to lowercase.
cs-X Convert to uppercase.
as-U Remove occurrence annotations.
c-1 Quick Fix
cs-M Add import
cs-F Reformat source
cs-O Organize imports
c-/ Comment marked block
c-\ Uncomment marked block
cs-(space) Parameter hints
ctrl Hyper-link identifier.
c-I Correct indention
s-(space) Incremental content assist

See also




  1. All App, Eclipse Shortcuts.
  2. SourceForge Eclipse-tools Keyboard Shortcuts.