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EclipseLink [1] is the open source Eclipse Persistence Services Project from the Eclipse Foundation. The software provides an extensible framework that allows Java developers to interact with various data services, including databases, web services, Object XML mapping (OXM), and Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). EclipseLink supports a number of persistence standards including:

  • Java Persistence API (JPA) provides standards based Object-Relational persistence solution with additional support for many advanced features.
    EclipseLink JPA provides advanced support for leading relational databases and Java containers.
  • Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)
  • Java Connector Architecture (JCA)
  • Service Data Objects (SDO).
JAXB with MOXy

Today (2015) this link has been added with:

  • MOXy enables Java developers to efficiently bind Java classes to XML Schemas.
    MOXy implements JAXB allowing developers to provide their mapping information through annotations as well as providing support for storing the mappings in XML format. The many advanced mappings enable developers to handle the complex XML structures without having to mirror the schema in their Java class model.
  • DBWS Declarative Web Service solution for accessing relational databases. The DBWS Builder generates the necessary configuration files based on the provided database artifacts so that EclipseLink's relational and persistence services can be combined to handle the requests.

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  1. EclipseLink Homesite.