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Astah, formerly known as JUDE (Java and UML Developers' Environment is a UML modeling tool created by Japanese company Change Vision. JUDE received the "Software Product Of The Year 2006" prize, established by Information-Technology Promotion Agency in Japan [1]. The community version is free,

How Android Applications Work


The Community edition (formerly known as Take (竹?, "Bamboo") edition for prior to version 1.4) is free to use and offers the following functionality:[2]

  • Support of UML 1.4 (part of UML 2.0 expression in commercial version JUDE/Professional)
  • Class diagram (Object, Package, Subsystem and Robustness Diagrams are included)
  • Use case diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Collaboration Diagram
  • State diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • Deployment diagram
  • Component diagram
  • Generate Java 1.4 sourcecode from model
  • Import Java 1.4 source files to create model

See also


  • Astah Users, Astah Users Community Change Vision (Makers of Astah).
  • Astah, Astah Shortcut Keys. A useful table of Shortcut Keys when creating diagrams with Astah. You can also set your own custom keybinds in Astah to help you create diagrams quickly and easily.
  • Astah, Tutorials.

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