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Since the last decades visiting the WW1 locations have incremented enormously. The histoicalplaces can be visited alone or with a guided tour. See the information presented here.
Visitors are invited to send their experiences to me so I can gather more information.

Guide tours

  • Camalou, English guided tour for Ypres battlefields.
  • Koen Koch, Dutch guided tour by Professor Koen Koch (also writer of several books). This tour visits all the major Western Battlefields of Ypres, the Somme and Verdun.
    Unfortunately Koen has died on 21 januari 2012. See the website for condoleances.
  • Battle Fields Tours, War Research Society, English tours to Somme, Ypres, High Wood, Plugstreet, Mons, Marne, Verdun, Salient, Gallipoli. Also other tours WWII and Moscow.
  • Hello Tommy, English tours with several different options.

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