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Atlassian's Sourcetree [1] is a powerful Mac and Windows clients for Mercurial and Git Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS).
Sourcetree strips away the complexity of DVCS amd makes it usable for mere mortals.
This page is intended for Apple OSX and not for Windows.

Git Versions

When using a GUI Client for a Command Line Tool (CLI) it is always important to:

  • Check the different version
  • Check the location of the tools

Sourcetree uses its own embedded Git Version by default.

  • See for OSX: SourcetreePreferencesGitGit Version

There are 3 git version mentioned, see the description on the right.

Git CLI Description Link Location
git Atlassian Git Git Home], Git scm /Applications/
git-flow Git Workflow git-tower, Git-flow
git-lfs Git Large File Storage Atlassian Tutorial, Git-lfs

Branching & Merges

See also




  1. SourceTree, Atlassian SourceTree Home page.