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Scrum is a lightweight framework designed to help small, close-knit teams of people develop complex products.
Scrum is good, is a hype, but is it also worth the effort? A short list (under construction).


  • Scrum is free.


  • Scrum is extremely difficult to master.
  • Scrum is a hype, would it last for more than a decade.
  • Scrum expects to deal with professionals

See also

top A list of Links to Scrum related sources.

  •, Home of Scrum. The basis for finding information on Scrum, what it is, the scrum guide. Agile, community.
  • ProWareNess+, Dutch propriety website. Trying to sell Scrum Trainings. But the site has funny Dutch stories on Agile Scrum.
  • Xebia, Dutch propriety Agile Scrum specialist.
  • IBM, What is Agile development? Relation to IBM Rational Software tools.