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The Web-Application KeywordLinks is a creation of Harm Frielink since 1999. It makes finding information on the internet easier because it enables the storage of keywords and tags for a found URL on the Internet. The App is very simple in design but has made my working-life much simpler in finding information on customers, products, information etc.

Google finds information based on their algorithms. They decide which importance weight is made to the given keyword/tags. KeywordLinks only shows information based on the given keywords by the user (Harm Frielink). Registered users may also give their keywords and links.

I think you understand why only registered users may do so. If everybody creates keyword on URLs it is nearly impossible to handle the importance of the keywords for the URL/Link.

Searching URLs[edit]

Fig-1 : KeyWordLinks Search

The image Fig-1 shows the search Interface of the Website. The input field shows the given keyword/tags sprint, framework and java. When the user types these words the applications will give results after 4 characters has been given (depends on the given value in the settings for Search-Characters).

The results are shown in the table with a sequence number (Nr), the name of the URL (URL/Link), the name of the URL (Name), a short description of the topic (Description) and a (optional) button for editing the given data (Edit).

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