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As long as the radio broadcasts exist people wants to play their own radio station. But the way we are listening to the Radio is rapidly changing. So please read the whole page because some data maybe out-dated especially iTunes, pls and Internet radio URLs. But just sending music in the air is not enough. Listeners are wanted. Using streams on the Internet enables the receiving of these broadcast:


  • 1fm broadcasts nearly everything like
    50s & 60s, 70s 80s-EURO, 80s-US, 90s, Absolute Country Hits, Acappella, Afterbeat Electronica, Always-Christmas, Blues, Bombay Beats, Chillout Lounge, Classic Country, Club 1, Country, Dance, Disco Ball, Flashback Alternatives, Fuego FM, High Voltage, Indie104, Jamz, Luxuria Music, One-Live, Otto's Baroque Musick, Otto's Classical Musick, Otto's Opera House, ReggaeTrade, Smooth Jazz, Top 40, Trance, Urban Adult Choice, Urban Gospel, X

iTunes Radio Streams[edit]

ITunes Smart Playlist.png Creating an iTunes Smart Playlist for Radio Streams

Use Smart Playlist settings for adding Radio Streams to your iTunes. See the settings on the left image. Please Check Live updating. This option allow the additions of the Streams to your List.

After creating this list just add your favorites with

  • Advanced -> Open Audio Stream
  • Add the url of the stream.
  • Click on the Ok button

The Stream is added to the list.
Please keep in mind to remove the check before Live updating because otherwise the radio streams vanish from your list when played.

Internet stream[edit]

Stream Name Description Soft Rock Radio SoftRockRadio plays a unique mix of singer/songwriter based classic soft rock along with some other classics from the 70s, 80s and a touch of the 90s

Old lists[edit]

The list of shoutcast2 seems to be deprecated.

Stream Name 100%NL AVRO’s Filmmuziek AVRO’s Toppers Beat FM Beatradio BNN.FM Candlelight Classic FM Cool FM Dance FM DDance.FM Favoriet FM Feel Good Radio FunX Gigant FM Holland FM Internet piraten Juize FM KickRadio Kink Aardschok Kink ClassX Kink FM Kisss PureDJ Q-music Qfunk FM Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio 24/7 Radio 3 Radio 4 Radio 5 Radio 538 Radio 6 Radio Veronica Sky Ambient Sky Chillout Sky Jazz Sky Lounge Sky radio Sky Salsa Sky Smooth Jazz SkyLine FM Slam FM Wereldomroep X FM XXL FM

iTunes & Online[edit]


Logitech's Squeezebox can be integrated with iTunes using the Squeezebox Server. Here are the basic installations and IP Addresses:




The followinf method makes it very easy to play any given Stream into VLC and decode the raw stream. To find out the raw stream preform the following steps [1].
This can be a rather daunting task, use Firefox for best results. For example with BNR Radio, the steps look as follows:Open the website, at

  • Find the link "Live Radio", this opens a pop-up window
  • View source of the pop-up window an look for the <object> element.
  • Find the param element with name "url" and copy its "value"; this should be a full or relative URL
  • In this case it looks like:,kpnmms_bnr2&
  • Paste this URL in Firefox; you will get a simple ASX document in return (note: this looks "empty").
  • View source and select one of the URLs starting with mms:, for example mms://

Finally, create a text file which looks like this:

#EXTINF:0,BNR live stream (transcoded)
#EXTVLCOPT:sout=#transcode{acodec=mpga,ab=192}:standard{mux=raw,url=,access=http,sap,name="BNR live stream"}

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  1. Transcode ant audio stream with VLC, Contains also the code for iTunes.