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Until october 2012 I have worked for IBM in the Netherlands. This page is an excerpt of a larger document which is not open for everyone (sorry).


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM or Big Blue) is a multinational computer technology corporation (HQ Armouk, New York, USA) founded in 1888.
Some facts on IBM

  • With almost 330,000 employees worldwide and 2005 revenues of US $91 billion, IBM is the largest information technology company in the world.
  • IBM holds more patents than any other technology company.
  • IBM has engineers and consultants in over 170 countries.
  • IBM Research has eight laboratories worldwide.
  • IBM employees have earned five Nobel Prizes, four Turing Awards, five National Medals of Technology, and five National Medals of Science.
  • IBM as a chip maker is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders.

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