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What is it

The Build Results JSP is designed to present the results of the cruisecontrol build loop. The left side of the page tells us about whether CruiseControl is currently building your project, and provides links to the details of previous builds. The right side of the page presents the results of the build -- including compilation errors, test results, and details about what files have changed since the last build.

How does it work

The JSP uses custom tags to handle most of its processing. This gives us a clean separation between code and content, leaving developers to modify code without worrying about page design, and designers can concentrate on modifying the layout without having to understand any Java code. All of the fonts and colors are controlled using CSS, so that these details can be configured in an easy and centralized manner. The build details on the right-hand side of the page are created using XSL to transform our XML build logs created by the CruiseControl build loop into HTML that can be added into our JSP. The links on the left-hand side of the page are created by listing the files in the CruiseControl log directory. Each build log follows a naming convention so that the JSP can easily parse the directory listing into links to a particular build. The details about whether the build is running come from a text file which is written by the CruiseControl build loop at the beginning of the build and at the end of the build. This file contains a snippet of HTML which is then included in the build results JSP.