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Website Login enables SSO access on (several) Websites of Harm Frielink.
The web-access is token based, so no more asking for the user-credentials on every client.

The Website Back-End contains the credentials for checking the existence of the token in a database.
The credential-check is performed by every SSO enabled Website and is repeated many times during the visit of the website without any user interference.

All websites of Harm Frielink are using a Comodo SSL Certificate.
This means that all Websites uses a secure HTTPS connection.
HTTPS connections are for your safety.
Check the closed lock in the Web-Address-Bar / Url-Bar.


You can not register yourself. You'll need to be invited by Harm Frielink. Or send him an email.
Only registered users can log-in. Guest users can use some of the applications (i.e. KeywordLinks).
See below under the topic Guest usage.

Guest usage

Some websites allow the usage of the Guest-User account.

  • See the FAQ section Websites for a list of all covered Websites.
  • See the FAQ section How do I login to the Website for the usage of the Guest account.

If there are enough people who want to use the website, I might change the registration policy. Currently this option is not on my agenda.

Basic Usage

Go to the Login-tab, and login with your user-name and password. If the login-tab is not available, the user is already logged in. If your credentials do not match the stored data in the database or the given credentials are invalid messages are shown indicating the made error. a token is generated. If successful:

  • Status shows the text Logged-in
  • User shows the user name

Now you can go to the application you wanna use. If you are not immediately able to use the app, reload the application. If you want to logout use the Logout-tab and click on the yes-button.

FAQ, Wiki and On-Line-Help

The website is supported by a wiki-website and On-Line-Help in the Help tab. An FAQ is implemented in the Help tab.

Single Sign On (SSO).

Harm at the Okertalsperre, German Harz.


Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.



Try again

Motorbike hello


Option explanation

Logout can be done with the checkbox option Remove access tokens:

  • with removal (checked) of the user access token,
  • without removal (not checked) of the user access code.

If you choose NOT to remove the access code, all login-related applications on this computer will be logged out.
If you choose to remove the access code, all instances of login-related applications will be logged out on all devices / computers!

Are you sure you wanna logout?


Motorbike hello

Admin Login Attempts List

This list contains information of the login attempts recently made and is only available for the administrator. The default search method is IpAddress.
Optional are Id, Result, Parameters and Created [i.e.: 192.168 or Created:2017].
For security reasons the PWD field in the Parameters column has been replaced by 'xx..x'.

Nr Db-Id IpAddress Result Parameters Created timestamp

Admin Login Attempts Count

This list contains information of the number of attempts recently made and is only available for the administrator. The default search method is IpAddress.
Optional is Result.

Nr Attempts IpAddress Result

Admin Clean Attempts

The Login Attempts list contains every logged in action and should be cleaned.
Based on the 2 Parameters an delete query is executed removing the old records in the database.
The IPAdress should be valid.
The Time field should be at leaset 300 seconds. Meaning at least 300 seconds in the past.

Help the webdeveloper

The login management is created to help the administrator/webdeveloper of the website. In that sense the login is not a fully replacement for the manual SQL-handling in the database.
The Delete button will never delete the data-record, but will inactivate the user.

Help the webdeveloper

The User-Role-Application (URA) management is made to create the first RBAC steps for a (new) Application.
The URA sets the access for every user to an application. If no record exists, access is NOT granted!
The list of URAs has alway a sort key on the Application name.

  • If no sort key has been defined, the list is sorted on this key (Application Name).
  • Else the sorting key comes first, the Application Name key as last.
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Help the developer

If you like these kind of Websites and have a suggestion for another Website, please let me know.

You like to have your links here? Please let me know.

How to contact the Webmaster?
See the FAQ section Contact Information.

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