The website Keywords-Links is meant to find and save Websites based on Website-Content.
The information of the websites are stored with user-defined-tags to make it easy to re-search and re-find these sites.
Only registered users can make tags and store information. Guest users may search and see the data. See below under the topic Guest usage.


The first version in asp has been made around 2001. The database with links gradually grew and has now approx. 4000 links. Old links are not removed, but are tagged with a deprecated tag.
The asp-version is later succeeded by a PHP-version, a jQuery version, a simple responsive CSS-version and the latest a full responsive jQuery-Bootstrap-Bootgrid-PHP version, which incorporates the edit-link and the user preferences.
Please let me know what you think of the website by sending me an email (See mail address in the footer).

Guest usage

The website can be used as a Guest-User. Guests may search the link-collection, but are not able to edit or add links. See the FAQ section How do I login to the Website.
If there are enough people who want to use the website, I might open the edit option of the link collection to more users. Currently this option is not on the agenda.

FAQ, Wiki and On-Line-Help

The website is supported by a wiki-website and On-Line-Help in the Help tab. An FAQ is implemented in the Help tab.

More websites

Financial Calculations

Do you want to check if you are not paying to much for your loan or mortgage? Use the Compound Interest Calculator to calculate the real financial payments and interest.
You shall be amazed on the results. Banks and Insurance companies are crooks anyhow.
The website has an example calculation (Example Financial Calculation).

Dutch Top2000

Every year from Christmas noon until New Year's Eve, the Dutch Radio 2 broadcast the best all-time 2000 (pop)songs, the Top2000. The Website Top2000 is a supporting website with all ranks, wikipedia information from 1999 until now. Desktop and Mobile version available.

Formula-1 Augur

You like Formula-1 Grand Prixs? Make it more exciting by forecast the GP's. Just for fun. With your friends / against your friends / in a group with your friends. Registration necessary.
Look at F1-Augur.

Roulette Deviation Monitor

The Website DrawsRoulette is an Utility Website to follow the deviation in throwing the roulette-ball by the Croupier in a casino. Just enter the history of drawings to discover patterns. The Website covers both Desktop and Mobile.

Mediawiki Knowledge Website

Knowledge `Wikipedia` website with information on various topics. Not all is available to everybody, but there is enough to take a look Wiki Harm.

Most important: Have fun!

Information & Contact

Dutch Website owner Harm Frielink lives in Neuenhaus, Germany. He is the owner-creator of many more websites.

  • For an overview look at his Home-Page.
  • To contact him send an email to Harm.

Harm at the Okertalsperre, German Harz.

Great Fan of Valentino Rossi.


To be able to search the database, you'll have to login first.
You may use the Guest account. For more information see the Help section chapter Login.

You can not register by yourself. You'll need to be invited by Harm Frielink himself.
Send him an email if you are interested! See the mail-icon left below in the footer.

For more information see the help-section. Also for more background on the website.

Insert/Edit Keyword-Link

To be able to edit items, you'll have to login first.
You may use the Guest account. For more information see the Help section chapter Login.

You can not register by yourself. You'll need to be invited by Harm Frielink himself.
Send him an email if you are interested! See the mail-icon left below in the footer.

For more information see the help-section. Also for more background on the website.

Edit remarks

Use many keywords

  • Make desc-header
  • Do not use " and '
  • Check similar links.
  • Check the result.
  • Errors in red, hover to see title!

Once on a bike, always a biker

Insert/Edit Common/Private URLs

To be able to edit items, you'll have to login first.
You may use the Guest account. For more information see the Help section chapter Login.

You can not register by yourself. You'll need to be invited by Harm Frielink himself.
Send him an email if you are interested! See the mail-icon left below in the footer.

For more information see the help-section. Also for more background on the website.

Edit remarks

Click the Enter key after giving an URL.

Once on a bike, always a biker

Admin User List

This list contains information of the users state and is only available for the administrator.
The default search method is FullName. Optional are Country:, LoginName: and RoleName: (i.e.: RoleName:writer).

Nr Db-Id Login Name Full Name Email Country Rolename Access Exp Last Modied

Admin Developer

Developer Javascript debugging settings. The trace enabling reveals the most debugging lines.
The chosen Settings are stored in the client browser for later usage.

User Preferences

To be able to edit the user preferences, you'll have to login first.
You can not register yourself. You'll need to be invited by Harm Frielink.
You may use the Guest account, which gives you partial access to the website without registration.

For more information see the Help-tab, sections General and FAQ.

General Help Content

The website purpose is to make searching on the Internet easier.
Adding search-able tags and content description to URL/(Hyper)Links make the URLs better locatable.
That's the basic idea.

Only users with enough access right (roles) can make changes to the links and link-tags.
The only disadvantage for the not registered user: You cannot make the tags and the content description.


The website has 6 tab-pages:

  • Home contains a description of the KeywordLinks-Application.
  • Search contains the keyword-search option with the resulting links.
  • Edit (only available for registered users) enables the adding/editing/deleting of links.
  • User Prefs gives options for user preferences.
  • Login/Logout for the login and logout.
  • Help contains the User-Help and FAQ pages.

The tab-pages are explained below in more detail.


The Home-Section explains the purpose of the application, tells about the history of the app and the Guest-usage. Not registered users may use the Guest account to access the Search-Section.
The Help-Sections is briefly mentioned.
Next some other Apps are discussed and their links are given.


The Search-Tab is the heart of this Web Application. After login and clicking on the Search-Tab a List of Links is shown. These are the first links items in the Database.
The result list is easy to adapt to user requirements. Sort columns by clicking on the Column header. Clicking again will toggle Ascending/Descending sort order.
Enter the tags to look for in the field after the 'magnifying glass' with placeholder 'Keywords'. Immediate the results are shown in the list below the search option.
The 3 option behind the Search Field are:

  • Refresh. Although not really necessary because the list is constantly refreshed.
  • 10▼ Number of results. The list has 3 options (Small (5), Medium (10) and Large (25)).
  • ▤▼ Shown Columns. Make your own selection on the shown columns.

When you hover over the items in the list gives more information about the link in a Pop-Up.

  • Hover over the Name gives a long-description of the website.
  • Hover over the Description gives the keyword-tags.

Clicking on the Link opens the link in a new Tab/Window of your browser.


The Edit-Tab is only applicable to registered users with the right role.


The Preferences tab gives the user the ability to customize the App-Settings. Only available when you are a registered user. The Guest user may only see the settings.


There is no way to register yourself. The only ways to use the App are:

  • As Guest user. The login name and password are 'Guest', 'Guest'.
  • As Registered user after contacting the website owner.

The login consists on a User Id and a Password. The combination will be set with a duration of 6 hours.


Help is available in individual topics and in a FAQ.

Help the developer

If you like these kind of Websites and have a suggestion for another Website, please let me know.

You like to have your links here? Please let me know.

How to contact the Webmaster?
See the FAQ section Contact Information.

Once on a bike, always a biker

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The solution for most questions, but still you may have a question not listed here.
Please let me know by sending an email (See FAQ Contact information).

  • Clicking on the question will open the answer. The open question-line will color red.
  • Clicking on an open question will close the answer part. The question-line will color blue.

  • Is there (detailed) Help-Information/Documentation?

    Yes, a wiki, the Help of the Websute self and the tool-tip help of the items self.
    The Website has its own wiki-page. The Wiki-Help is accessable through HelpKeywordLinks-Wiki.
    Application Help
    The Help-Tab on the webapp has a General Help and a FAQ. Since you found this help, you also know how to get the other help in the App.
    By hovering your mouse over the menu-items you can see the Help titles.

    Almost any item has help when hovering over with the mouse which provide a very basic-simple explanation. Feel free to send me an email in case you need more help.

  • How do I register?

    The Website has no way to register.
    Instead use the guest account. See How do I login.
    The only way to get a personal account is to ask the webmaster to be registered. At the moment there are very few people with such an account. The change you get a personal account is therefor very small.
    The design of the Link database is made in 2000 and does not allow keyword tags from more than one user. That means that the user who adds or deletes tags does so for every other user. Registration will not be given with the opportunity to maintain keyword-tags. Therefor the Guest account gives you all the rights you ever get for the moment.

  • How do I login to the website?

    Since you cannot register for a personal user account you'll have to use the Guest account.

    • Click on the Login menu button.
    • Enter the user name of the guest account ('Guest').
    • Enter the password of the guest account ('Guest').
    • Optional tick the Remember me radio button.
    • Click on Submit button.
      • If the User name and password are matches the registered data you are logged in.
      • If not a pop-up will indicate your given data is invalid.

  • Specific mobile-App for iPhone or Android available?

    Yes and no.
    There is not a specific mobile-application, but the website is made with responsive design. That makes the look and feel of the site depended on the device you are using. So it is not necessary to create an Application for Mobile/Pad/Small/Large screen. The website will automatic adjust its settings to your device.

  • Contact Information

    Please use the following email address to ask me anything about the website KeywordLinks.
    Web master KeywordLinks
    I hope to answer all questions asap. In case a question is asked more than once I will add the Q&A to the FAQ list.
    Please add next to the question/problem at least into the Subject: also the word KeywordLinks (i.e. Subject: KeywordLinks bug xxxx) or (i.e. Subject: KeywordLinks question).
    In case of bugs/errors also send screen shots before and after the error occurs.

  • Why do I sometimes need to reload the application?

    In fact there are 2 reasons:

    • Changes in the User-Preferences have impact on the startup of the Keyword-List.
    • All maintenance and software updates are done in the background of the application.

    These operations have impact on how the applications starts and are therefor set at the startup of the applications. Although it might possible to apply these changes on run-time, the web developer has chosen to re-load the application in stead.
    The idea of this design is to make optimal usage of the available resources at minimal costs with maximum satisfaction for the end-user.
    Please note that these reloads are not very often.

    A successful reload can be monitored looking at the Status which shows 'Init' and 'Ready HH:mm:ss'.

  • Why do I need to allow the setting of cookies?

    Cookies are essential for the correct working of the website.
    Cookies are used to hold information of the logged-in user.
    This information is only of importance to the website and holds no data of the user self.
    The stored information helps to be able to check if the user is active and is constantly refreshed. The user needs to be active. If the user is not active for 6 hours the cookies is useless.
    But if the user within the 6 hours is active again he/she does not have to login again.
    If you do not allow cookies, you can not use this website. If you decide not to do so, please let me know by email why you do not allow cookies. I am very curious to know how you cope with other websites since nearly every website uses cookies.

  • Why does Google Translate not work?

    Google Translate does also translate the internal used names of the Website. That means that after the translation the website does not work properly.
    Therefore the Translation option has been disabled by the Website software. You may use manual tranlation, but be aware that you may have functional problems.

  • Why are all your Websites have a blue schema??

    My favorite color is...
    Blue, what did you expect?

  • Are there more FAQ's?

    All known FAQ's are answered on this page.
    Does this mean there are no more questions?
    Of course there are. But I don't know them?
    Do you? Please send me an email with your question(s). See the Contact info 'How to send an email'.

Lastest news

Coming soon, the latest news.
At the moment under construction.

Where is it?

Legal Notes

The legalnotes on the left may seem a bit heavy for an application like this.
But please be aware on the implications of an app in different countries.
It is not always easy to be compliant to local laws.

Protection for all.

About KeywordLinks


The Website KeywordLinks is a help-fun-website created by Harm Frielink. The main objective is to save link information for easy find links with the same content.

Website creator

Harm Frielink is a Dutch IT-Consultant living in Nordhorn Germany with more than 40 year experience in computer science.
Since his retirement on September 1, 2016 he has more time to create and maintain his websites and using new technologies.

Knowledge, Links and Wiki's

Harm's passion is to share knowledge and he therefor makes different Websites on various topics. See his personal Homepage and Wiki for more information.


The Website Background image is taken in Death Valley, CA, USA.
Motorcycles are the main theme of this website. Both my wife and me are motorbike enthusiasts.
Thx for let me use the photos on this website.


See the FAQ on How to contact Harm.

Version information

Hover over the Version in the Footer to see the detailed components versions.

Website about

What it is.

User Login Access

The user needs to be registered before able to login.
The login application is opened in a new tab/window.

After successful logging-in the user returns here and will be automatically reload.
The login application will open in 2 seconds if you do not have an active popup-blocker.
If the login window does not open, please click here.

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